KSC Club Activities

 KSC Amateur Radio Club

The KSC Amateur Radio Club exists to promote the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community at KSC, to promote the positive

character and benefits of the amateur radio hobby to the employees of KSC and the local community, and to create direct benefit to KSC by providing

opportunities for radio communications skill development and support to center operations.

Membership is open to currently badged employees at KSC and the Eastern Range (ER) sites and to retired NASA civil service. The Club is also open to the

immediate families of those employees, to retired KSC contractors, and to those who were eligible members in good standing while formerly employed at

KSC and ER; by NASA agency policy directive these groups may not be routinely badged into KSC and will therefore not have access to activities and club

facilities on-center, but may otherwise engage in any club activities not requiring KSC site access.

For more information, click on the link:


KSC American Legion Post #332


 KSC Anime Club

 The Anime club promotes unity, fellowship, and activities of the anime fan community at KSC. The club promotes positive character and

benefits of the anime fan  community, the employees of  KSC, and the local community.  The Club creates direct benefit to KSC by providing

a social environment for different people to  meet and boost center morale.


KSC Garden Club

The KSC Garden club is open to all badged KSC employees with a mission of planned, sustainable, partnered, managed plantings that require

nodig permit(s) and that beautify the Center for all visitors, employees and persons entering and visiting our wonderful Center.


KSC Ceramics Arts & Crafts Club


KSC Plant Base Club

The KSC Plant Based Community provides an informative, inclusionary and inspiring atmosphere to launch individuals into

experiencing the benefits of plant based living.


KSC Running Club

The KSC Running Club was created to encourage walking, jogging, and running with a focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all NASA

employees, KSC Civil Service, KSC Contractor personnel, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) personnel. The club conducts fun

runs, organizes training sessions, and participates in various community running events as part of the KSC outreach program. Running groups

are open to walkers, beginners, slow, fast, and distance runners. Everyone is welcome. Membership is Free.

Note that members must sign an injury liability waiver. Read more...


KARS Softball League


KARS Tennis League


KARS Flag Footbal League


KARS Flyers

Current Clubs and contacts are listed here.

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