For any additional camping questions, you may contact the Country Store at (321) 867-7967.

  1. KARS members sponsoring organized groups must notify the KARS Park Reservations in advance of scheduled event
    • Camping is on a first come, first served basis. No reservations will be accepted.
    • RV / camping members will be permitted 10 guests (not 10 rigs) and must register and pay all applicable fees at the KARS Country Store. Member must accompany and sign-in guests for their stay. Although member will not be required to remain with their guests, they are responsible for their dependents and guests throughout the length of their stay.
    • Members, guest, and visitors may rent a boat slip for a period of four (4) weeks and must register boat at the KARS Country Store. Members, guests, and visitors staying on the boat overnight will be charged the appropriate RV camping fee. Long term boat slip rentals may be available on a limited basis and at the discretion of the Park Manager and/or Exchange Operations Manager.
    • RV/camping members must complete an Campers Registration form with guest names and turn it into the KARS Country Store.
    • Please see current Fee Schedule for all camping rates.
    • Maximum of 10 guests per RV or tenting site (including children).
    • Primitive Tenting - Unlimited
    • No boats on site
    • Two (2) vehicles per site
  2. RV and Tent Campers will report to the KARS Country Store to register, pay appropriate fees, and:
    • Provide a valid KARS Membership card
    • Provide a valid photo ID
    • Provide a RV or vehicle license plate number
    • Provide a work, home or cell phone number
    • Provide guest list, if necessary (only 10 guests per KARS member permitted)
    • Locate an appropriate campsite
    • Provide site number(s) selected to the KARS Country Store
    • For tent camping, sign in at the KARS Country Store and obtain a site number stake
    NOTE: Campers arriving after hours must register the following morning at the Country Store. Campers will be responsible for providing name, cell phone number (if available), and a list of guests to the Park Attendant in order for guests to come and go into the park. No motorized campers will be allowed in the tent area.

  1. Length of Usage: No one may rent a site for more than 4 weeks at a time. A minimum of 4 weeks is required between visits. A maximum of 12 weeks are permitted in a calendar year. Campers must leave at the end of their permitted length of stay. Camps, campers, boats or vessels must be completely removed from the park premises.

  2. Site Registration: The same RV/tent site cannot be registered by other individuals accompanying you to extend usage beyond the policies specified for length of usage.

  3. Picnic Area: Campers will not have sole and continuing possession of any picnic or shade shelter or other park facility to the exclusion of other campers.

  4. Fires: Campfires are permitted in fire rings only. These fires must be attended at all times. Do not burn garbage in the campfire. Fallen dead wood ONLY may be used for firewood. Do not cut, nail into, or deface live trees or shrubs. Wood pallets cannot be burned.

  5. Guests: Guests of campers not staying overnight must be out of the park by 10:00 p.m. Children must return to the campsite by 10:00 p.m.

  6. Restrooms: Do not flush indissoluble or heavy fibrous materials down sinks or toilet bowls. No dish washing is permitted in restrooms or at water spigots

  7. Quiet Time: Quiet is required after 10:00 p.m. Please turn down radios & TV's. Everyone must return to their campsites by 10:00 p.m.

  8. Dump Stations: Holding tanks are for registered campers only and may be discharged in the dumping station behind (east of) the shower building and near Area (Pavilion) II.

  9. Trash Disposal: Disposing of trash generated outside the park is prohibited.

  10. Responsibility: Members, family members and guests assume a substantial degree of risk and responsibility for their own safety when visiting areas that are managed and maintained as natural or recreational environments. Members, family members and guests must abide by NASA/KSC safety, security and health regulations and by established park policies. Members and guests will be held responsible for their personal conduct and non-adherence to KARS Park policies, and/or damage(s) to park property or repeated violations of park policies will result in loss of membership and park use privileges.

  11. Supervision of Minor Children: Parents, guardians or other adults in charge are responsible for the supervision of minor children. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children are not be allowed to play and run around through occupied campsites, play in restrooms, or play unattended at the dock area.