Welcome to the Food Services Program (FSP)

The NASA Exchange will utilize this web page as a tool to provide the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) community with the latest information related to the FSP.

In an effort to attract and sustain a satisfied customer base, the Food Services Program will strive to meet the following minimum objectives:

  1. To provide maximum satisfaction to our customers through an efficient and effective operation
  2. To provide appetizing, appealing and nutritionally sound food options
  3. To maintain attractive facilities conducive to social interaction
  4. To promote nutritional awareness, and to improve employees’ dining experiences by offering a variety of foods and styles of cuisine
  5. To give the utmost attention to establishing and maintaining a creative, hospitable and quality-oriented catering program that meets the needs and expectations of a variety of center constituents
  6. To offer the latest food concepts, in addition to exceptional service and convenient operating hours which are responsive to the needs of the visitors and occupants of KSC
  7. We appreciate your patronage!

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