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   All KSC employees (civil servants, contractors, & partners) are invited to participate in this year's Feds Feed Families campaign. We will be joining with NASA and other government agencies across the US to help those in need in our local communities. Visit for more information about the FFF effort nationwide. Link to the donation form: Here'''s what to do::: Step One: Purchase your food donation and weigh it at home, or add up the weights listed in your online purchase. Step Two: Drop off your donation at a food bank of your choice or have it delivered directly by your method of choice (Amazon, Instacart, etc.) Step Three: Record your donation on the Feds Feed Families HubHow to get started on the FFF Hub Choose "Executive" Branch Type 'nn' and scroll toselect "NationalAeronautics and SpaceAdministration" Select "Kennedy Space Center" Then continue to fill in your personal information and donation details.